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Steve DePuy

National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy

Mr. DePuy is a public safety professional with 30 years as a commissioned police office experienced in local, county, international law enforcement, and public safety telecommunications in the private sector.
Throughout his career, Steve has specialized in communications center operations while continuing to be active in field operations.  Steve has supervised all aspects of communications centers (Operations, Training, and Administration) and was the divisional liaison to the Regional Emergency Telephone Service Authority, County Commanders' working group, and Sheriffs Operations Staff.
Steve was the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and PC Systems Administrator for the division and CAD Subject Matter (SME) for the department.  Steve was on the committee that authored a revised national telecommunications standard operating procedures manual and chaired the state committee that developed the program for and trained telecommunications professionals in a nationally certified training program.
Steve most recently served as a Dispatch Operations and Emergency Response SME in Iraq under federal contract to the Department of Defense where he was responsible for assisting in providing the framework for efficiency of operations for the Iraq Police communications systems.
Steve continues to be active in law enforcement as a Sheriffs Reserve Deputy and a part time University Police Officer.