Multiple Assailant Combative Course I

Multiple Assailant Combatives Course I

The Multiple Assailant Combatives course focuses on the special challenges faced by officers responding to an incident that at any moment can turn into a life or death situation.  A seemingly compliant individual turns combative or the officer is attacked from behind, then a second and third attacker joins in.  This course gives the individual the skills and techniques to not only defend themselves but to win the encounter.  The MACC builds the officers confidence to make critical decisions under extreme circumstances.

This extremely demanding physical course builds on the skills officers learned in their respective academies and reinforces critical decision making techniques and tactics.  In addition to the rigorous physical demands, unique techniques will be learned and used during the confrontational portion of the course.  The participant will be subject to scenario based confrontations where their duty weapon will by targeted for take-away, and the student must show sufficient means to retain their weapons.