Marine First Responder Vessel Operations & Flood Rescue

Marine First Responder Vessel Operations and Flood Rescue

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This course is designed to provide the student the skills necessary to conduct safe and effective vessel operations during flood, river, and lake rescues.  The course focuses on vessel operations, rescue tactics, reading flood waters, rivers and currents. Officer awareness and officer safety considerations afloat, vessel handling and pre launch preparations, vessel close quarters maneuvering, rescue swimmer operations, launch and recovery operations, and self rescue techniques.   This course will include a four hour practical exercise consisting of various scenario's commonly associated with flood, river, or lake rescues afloat. This exercise will test the student’s ability to apply previous training and test officer safety and survival techniques delineated in this course.

Terminal Performance Objective:
Given a scenario, the student will demonstrate proficiency in conducting a safe and effective rescues in flood waters, rivers, and lakes, conduct safe and proficient vessel maneuvering in close quarters situations, and a thorough understanding of officer safety and survival afloat issues.

Interim Performance Objectives:
1. Identify hazards associated with flood, river and lake waterborne rescue’s.
2. Identify pre launch procedures and considerations.

3. Demonstrate launch and recovery of a rescue vessel.

4. Demonstrate the ability to maneuver a vessel in a close quarter’s situation.

5. Demonstrate the ability to read rivers and currents.

6. Demonstrate safe and effective victim recovery techniques afloat

7. Demonstrate self rescue techniques

8. Demonstrate use of throw bags and recovery

9. Demonstrate use of designated safety and rescue equipment afloat.

10. Given a scenario, demonstrate a safe and effective rescue in coordination of all shore side and underway assets appropriate to the scenario.

11. Demonstrate subject management techniques and arrest procedures afloat.