Gary J Silversmith, Esq

Gary J. Silversmith, Esq.

National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy Advisory Board

Mr. Silversmith's areas of expertise lie in federal contracting, environmental litigation, financial advisory engagements, workouts, dispositions, valuations, and preservation of national historic landmarks. Mr. Silversmith assists the NMLEA in a variety of areas, from consulting on financial matters to contract review. In addition, Mr. Silversmith has afforded the Academy the use of the historic Presidential Yacht, Sequoia, for special events and meetings.

Since 1991, Mr. Silversmith has served as President and owner of P&L Investments, an asset management, investment, and advisory company that has acquired over $100 million in distressed assets.  P&L Investments and its affiliates have served as financial advisors on the sale of loans, for example, in 1999 an affiliate of P&L Investments served with KPMG as the financial advisor to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for the SBA's first sale of loans ($400 million) and again for the SBA's third and fifth sales of loans.  As President and owner of two Brownsfield's investment and remediation companies, Mr. Silversmith recently received significant positive publicity for the successful remediation and rejuvenation of a 22-acre PCB-contaminated Brownsfield site in suburban Philadelphia. The site is reportedly the first Superfund site in the country to receive State and EPA approval for conversion to a residential usage.

Prior to starting the aforementioned entities, Mr. Silversmith served for three years as a Senior Asset Marketing Specialist selling loans and real estate for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). He holds a BS in Accounting, a JD, and an MLT.