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Daniel Caccamo

National Maritime Law Enforcement Academy Advisory Board

Daniel Caccamo is widely respected in the field of consumer products. Daniel was an honors graduate in marketing and management who loves to discover trends and insights that can be turned into outcome driven strategies that create breakthrough results.

Daniel began his career in 1980 in Field Advertising with Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, OH. Dan moved on to Union Carbide working in the Consumer Products Division (Eveready Batteries, Prestone, Glad) focusing on Glad Products. The Glad/Prestone brands changed ownership through an leveraged buyout, creating First Brands Corp. Daniel’s work on Glad continued, but soon included the first clumping Cat Litter (Scoop Away), and Starter Logs (fire starters). As part of a buy-out in 1998, First Brands was integrated into the Clorox Company where Dan worked through 2004. Daniel then spent a short time with Pactiv transitioning their business from their traditional Food Broker managed approach to direct with Publix Super Markets.

Upon completion of this project Dan joined the Florida Dairy Farmers as the Director of Insights & Innovation where he worked on the Dairy Department Reinvention project, development of Single Serve/Multipack Milk, Creamy Milk, Grass-Fed Milk, Yogurt Drinks all filling voids in unmet consumer demand, as well as the continued expansion of marketing awareness programs for the Summer Nutrition Program.

Currently Dan is working with three different businesses; Florida Impact, Action For Healthy Kids both centered around making sure that our children are healthy and happy to enable their capabilities to learn more effectively in school. At Florida Impact his focus is on Food Insecurity with projects on Healthy Breakfast consumption in schools, and the USDA’s Summer Nutrition Program. As the Florida Coordinator with Action For Healthy Kids, Dan works closely with three Florida Government organizations (Health, Education, and Agriculture & Consumer Services) to initiate, test, and implement school wellness activities.

A new endeavor for Dan is with Amerisafety in the Maritime and Port Security industry. Dan’s entrepreneurial, and innovative skills have assisted in the development in new business building strategies for a multigenerational maritime family business.

In addition to his current role, Daniel serves as a Board Member with The Florida Grocery Manufacturers’ Representatives (GMR), and the Action For Healthy Kids Florida Executive Committee.

Daniel resides in Saint Petersburg, FL. He is a single father of a 16 year old daughter. Daniel is a dedicated family man, “Waterman” (enjoys fishing, diving, competitive sailing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing) and plays hockey. As a former NCAA Division 1 football player Dan uses his leadership skills to provide team building, problem solving, and strategic focus in many areas. Dan has a BS Marketing degree from the University of Mississippi.