Confined Space Rescue Survival Course

Confined Space Rescue / Survival Course

The Confined Space Rescue / Survival course focuses on the special challenges faced by Rescue Personnel including Maritime and Port Personnel that respond to confined space emergencies.

For every four confined space deaths, three are would-be rescuers.  Personnel with inadequate training are exposed to an increased risk of injury or death to both the victim and themselves.

This specialty course gives the firefighter, officer or individual the skills needed to not only rescue persons in a confined space but protect themselves from the unique challenges associated with this environment.

This training is geared toward the unique aspects of shipboard and port operations.  Students will be exposed to situations that will inoculate them from the emotional duress that may occur during a confined space emergency.  Upon completion, participants will be better prepared to undertake and respond to a confined space emergency and react to and survive a given situation.